Welcome My Love

This is a Mini World of Ours I created where i share how much I Love You. What You Mean to me and some of our beautiful Memories.

  • I'm Alfie Reigns

    I found The Best Gift In The World. You My darling Vanessa. I love You Soo Much. Words Can't explain How Highly I think of You. You are my sunshine. Always and Forever

  • I'm Nessa

    If You Say Yes, Your Response Will Be Here...

Our Loveline

We Have Shared Beautiful Moments Special Ones that can't be forgotten. And in this new chapter of our lives. We start a new one filled with Never Ending Happiness.

  • Will You Be Mine Always and Forever

    5 May 2018 - By Alfie Reigns

    I wanted the right moment even though you burst my bubble earlier :). I had to come up with something different. My Dear Vanessa, You have come to occupy my very existence. My Heart flattens and skips a beat each time you are close. You are my Original, My One and Only. From the Very first day, I knew we will connect. You Know so much and you share it all with me. Sweetness, I can’t find the right words to explain how highly I think and feel about you. You are my world, The Love of my Life. The Queen of My Dreams and certainly the Woman of my Life and Dreams. You make all sadness disappear each time you appear. Your presence is like the Fountain of Waters which never ends and dries. You give me so much Joy and I am certain I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My Queen, As You Read This, Please Check the Bottom Part of the I LOVE YOU Section of the Teddy Bear I Bought For You. It Contains a Note PLEASE READ AND I WILL BE BACK…

  • Proposal & Personal response

    7 May 2018 - By Nessa

    I said yes
    Of course which lady in her right senses will say no to the sweetest, kindest, most caring and sensitive guy ever.
    My Charming King as usual, with his overly romantic gestures (which I love) topped himself up again with his proposal to me.
    Just like any other thing he does, this was nothing short of original and I'm sure you want to know how he did it so here goes: I got to his apartment in the morning and was asked to sit down and close my eyes for a surprise.
    After what felt like the longest wait, Alfie finally asked me to check my phone for a message which read "vanessamylove.com" And when I clicked the link It led me right here... lol😂 And as you can see, this is truly beautiful, thoughtful and so Alfie.
    I was asked to look for my next instruction inside my teddy bear which he had gifted me a few weeks earlier. I found a small cut at the side of the teddy bear and (drumroll pleeeeaaaase)😂😂 It was a handwritten note from my love with the inscription "Will you marry me?" By the time I looked up, he had gotten down on one knee with the ring in hand Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not a "crier" (if that's a word)... I couldn't stop laughing and telling him he's crazy but I was so happy.
    I said YES! Yes my darling always and forever. Yes to a life with you. Yes to a life long of friendship. Yes to a life of romance and adventure. Yes through the good and bad times. Yes my Charming King. I love you till the end.

    Signed: Your Classy Queen

  • Got Married

    Something August 2018 - By Alfie

    Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

  • The Honey Moon

    15 August 2018 - By Nessa

    Coming Soon...

  • The Trip

    1 September 2018 - By Alfie

    Coming Soon

  • More Moments

    2018 & Beyond - By Nessa

    Coming Soon

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